Goldendoodle puppies

Golden Retriever puppies for your family

May 2024 update:

August 2024 ready litters

We have two wonderful litters of purebred Golden Retrievers being born in mid June 2024. These rich cream and white babies will come from Willow and our English Cream stud Finnegan as well as Olive with Finnegan. The puppies will be ready for their forever homes in August 2024 once they are 8 weeks old minimum. We presently have 4 spaces available Olives litter list opened in April. Willows litter is full.

To be placed on a list a $500 non refundable deposit is made to your delegated GST inclusive invoice once we have completed your phone consultation as part of my application process. This allows each other to get to know each other better and us match a suitable puppy to you from the parent I see as best fit for colour and size.

Upcoming litters ready in 2025

Poppy our mid gold Golden Retriever will conceive in December 2024 to an outside DNA tested stud. These puppies will be ready for their forever families in April 2025. The wait list for these puppies is now open.

Willow and Olive have their second conception of puppies in July 2025 to our Golden Retriever Finnegan our DNA tested English cream stud. Their puppies will be ready for their forever families in November 2025. The wait list for these puppies is now open.

2026 litters of puppies lists not yet open

Why a wait list?

Family holding lists help me spend more time with the parents of your puppy and puppies of present clients (and in the future yours) when they are in our care. Please be aware that lists are typically filled 4-10 months prior to an expected litter birthdate. Our girls generally have 7-10 puppies in a litter. We do not overbook places for this reason and have two delegated lists to give you the most likely opportunity to have a puppy from the litter requested or a following litter that may not be yet advertised here. So please get in touch and I will do what I can to help you. I have been running my business in this way for years and it works well for both parties and particularly well for our dogs.

Please be sure to contact us via our email to request to apply for an upcoming puppy of Bellawai.

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We are expecting some beautiful gold and cream Goldens like Poppy, Olive and Willow. Their stunning full coats will make them very majestic dogs. Of course we expect them to have the amazing natures who are loving, snuggly and fun that we are known for at Bellawai

Home time ready

We prefer our puppies to go to their new homes at a minimum of 8 weeks old so they can develop important social skills from their Mum and their siblings.

Puppies at Bellawai undertake our social desensitisation programme to gather vital learning in their library of experiences necessary for a healthy well adjusted puppy.

Training to hand touch, sit, down and off continue daily for your 8 week old puppy. We can microchip your puppy at our veterinarian for you at your cost. We recommend travel by PT Transport or Flying Air New Zealand if you are not collecting your furbaby from our property. Please let us know if you intend your puppy to travel to you and we will confirm costs involved at the time. To adhere to strict travel requirements, your puppy is crate trained in a positive and progressive way to support Force Free training guidelines which we follow. I pride myself on raising content puppies with safety parameters in place so transportation of your puppy is easy for you as well as settle in time at home with a crate trained puppy is kinder for both you and your puppy.

Golden Retriever puppies

Each fluffy friend comes with their first vaccination, worm and flea treatments from two weeks old and vet check at six weeks to track their health. You are kept in contact with the progress of your baby and of course, you can come and visit your furry friend too.

Our dogs and your puppy are raised on premium vet quality food. There are no dog rolls or homemade meals as we want to assure your puppy has the correct nutrition for their developing bones and body. This is an expensive commitment from us and we won’t cut corners. This will help you to no end with limiting fussy eating habits too.

Your puppy starts positive clicker and voice training from 3 weeks old and at this time they also begin open crate training. We do this so there is less stress on you and them when they leave our home. When your baby leaves us, it will come with a blanket and toy that smells like Mum. Your puppy can be collected or we can help you with flight or pet bus arrangements at your cost. Your baby is ready for their home at 8 weeks old minimum. We prefer to care for your baby here with it’s Mum, Dad and siblings until this age for their mental and emotional health. When we talk together I can guide you on the age and transition of your puppy to your home.

Glad you’re here!

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