Partnering with New Zealands top dog trainers to support Pet Refuge

Every furbaby born from one of our Bellawai beauties is precious. Every new fur parent of ours puppies we ask to join with who I recommend as top New Zealand dog trainers. Invaluable support and education for a lifetime of success with their dog as it grows through puppy-floofball to adulthood.

I have been invited to earn as an affiliate and I chose something better for me. To directly donate any potential affiliate earnings to Pet Refuge. It feels so good to give to such a worthy NZ charity who help domestic violence victims leave and know their pets are cared for until they can safely reunite.

All you have to do is join the recommended trainers here (either OR both of the trainers we trust that resonate with you).

Enter the word BELLAWAI to their application forms to receive a 15% discount. Then they will donation a whopping 20% of any program fees go directly into the Pet Refuge bank account. Nothing comes to Bellawai. It feels pawtastic and all of the Bellawai Dogs crew agree. The trainers love it and Pet Refuge are so grateful!

The top trainers we recommend have incredible complete online dog training programs to help you be the best furparents possible. They have communities you can be a part of which helps you grow as you learn. Build a lifelong relationship with your furbaby.

It’s a rewarding investment for new puppy owners and yes you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

You don’t even need to be a Bellawai Dog owner. If you use the code ‘BELLAWAI’ on signup to get your discount and benefit Pet Refuge!

Mark Vette animal behaviourist

Mark Vette animal behaviourist – Dog Zen

Mark is one of New Zealand’s most trusted dog behaviourists, having trained dogs for more than 40 years through his renowned Behaviour Clinic. Now, you can easily learn Mark’s expert training methods from home!

With options for puppies, teenage pups and adult dogs, you’ll get everything you need to train your dog to be happy, confident and beautifully well-behaved in every situation. Each Virtual School includes a library of easy-to-follow training videos and access to Mark and his dog training team for personalised guidance.

Sign up using our exclusive code BELLAWAI to get 15% off when you join and Pet Refuge receive a whopping 20% to help them care for pets while their owners escape domestic abuse. To learn more about Marks courses, go to

Dog Zen

Darran Rowe – Mindfulness 4 dogs 

Meet Darran Rowe, Clinical Animal Behaviourist – B.Sc.(Hons), P.G.C.E, CAB PG.Dip( cont to MSc) and Presidient of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers New Zealand.

With a 25 year track record in Dog behaviour, Darran Rowe now brings his wealth of experience to your doorstep through our online Bowlingual® Puppy and Dog courses.

A transformative training journey tailored for puppies, adolescent pups, and adult dogs, and unlock a world of seamless communication with your furry friend by becoming Bowlingual – the key to understanding and connecting with your dog on a whole new level.

Our online courses provide a holistic approach, ensuring your dog becomes not just well-behaved, but also happy and confident in every scenario. Dive into a curated library of user-friendly training videos and tap into personalized guidance from Darran Rowe and his dedicated dog training team.

Ready to redefine your relationship with your canine companion? Enrol today using the exclusive code BELLAWAI for a 15% discount, and, in a compassionate gesture, contribute 20% towards Pet Refuge’s critical mission of caring for pets affected by domestic abuse. Discover the art of mindful dog training with our Bowlingual Puppy and Bowlingual Dog School.

Unleash the full potential of your four-legged friend the Mindful Way.

Explore our puppy school at

and dog school at

Darran and Papia Rowe with George and Maggie. Bred by Bellawai Dogs

Darran and Papia Rowe with George and Maggie. Bred by Bellawai Dogs.