Bellawai Dogs Terms and Conditions
T&Cs of sale of a puppy/dog purchased from Bellawai Dogs and Maria Quayle-Guppy

Bellawai Dogs terms and conditions accompany our microchip registration form that is completed by you our customer and details are referred to within regarding your name, details of purchase ie dog and pricing, etc.

I the customer, agree to pay the purchase price for the purchase of a dog detailed from Bellawai Dogs and Maria Quayle-Guppy

  1. The dog that you have purchased from Bellawai Dogs has been checked by our vet and they determined that your new dog is in good health with any irregularities listed on the vet report. The price of your dog has been agreed upon by both parties with consideration of this vet report. Your new dog has received their first vaccination (minimum) by our vet. You must arrange follow up visits to your vet for all future vaccinations at your own expense.

  2. You have 72 hours to take the purchased dog from Bellawai Dogs (from the date of leaving our property) to the vet of your choice to have a dog health check-up completed at your own expense.

  3. The dog is sold as a family pet, not for show quality or for breeding purposes. We recommend that your dog is desexed as advised by your vet at your own expense. The buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, a comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, adequate exercise, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this dog parasite free and up to date with inoculations, proper nutrition (consisting of good quality professional food given at regular intervals), and fresh water available at all times.

  4. The buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the dog and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.

  5. The breeder does not assume any liability for any injury to said dog after collection or after it has left our care on 3rd party transport. This includes flights or pet courier as well as other means of transport arranged by yourself or us.

  6. Bellawai Dogs will, in no way, be responsible for any Local Government Council Dog Registration Fee. It is the new owner’s responsibility to register the dog with your local council as per local regulations.

  7. Bellawai Dogs can confirm that your dog is in good health, as far as appears to the eye, and has received appropriate medical vaccinations, worming and flea treatment care. Bellawai Dogs will supply to you on collection day, a copy of the final vet report which will show any issues that have been found as per dated on the report. Any issues with your dog will be discussed with you prior to collection or delivery.

  8. We do not take any responsibility for the welfare and health of your dog after it has departed from our kennels if the 2nd and 3rd vaccinations are not completed by the buyer and were due to be completed after collection or transportation to the new owner.

  9. We do not take any responsibility for the welfare and health of your dog if after departing from our kennels your dog suffers from hypoglycemia (fluctuations in blood sugar that can occur in small breed puppies), coccidia, giardia or any condition that can be corrected with medication.

  10. We do not take any responsibility for the welfare and health of your dog if you expose your dog to outside environments that can make your dog sick, ie taking to the park, or exposure to other animals prior to the full vaccination schedules being completed.

  11. You agree that you will not disparage or encourage others to disparage the company. For purposes of this agreement, the term disparage includes without limitation comments or statements made in any matter or medium in the press, online and/or the media about the company which would adversely affect any manner of the conduct of the business of the company, without limitations to the company’s business plans or prospects or the business reputation of the company.

  12. If we have arranged any form of transport either by road or air, we take no responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of your new dog whilst in transit with the 3rd party

  13. We have teamed up with Southern Cross Pet Insurance to offer you an award-winning cover. Your pet has been covered from 8 weeks of age for the following 6 weeks.  If you wish for this cover to be extended and transferred into your name, we request that you give us permission to pass on your details to Southern Cross Pet Insurance. You are under no obligation to take this cover with them. You are able to sign up with Southern Cross Pet Insurance via their independent website.

  14. It is your responsibility as the new owner of dog from the moment you purchase your new dog to take good care of dog as stated above.

  15. When you purchase a puppy from Bellawai Dogs you become part of our family. Being respectful to us through email or phone or in person is always requested.  We are here to help, and abuse will not be tolerated in any form.

  16. If you place a deposit on a puppy this is on the basis that it is non-refundable and full payment is required subject to when puppy is vaccinated at 6 weeks. If your puppy is ready straight away to go home, we require you to collect and pay in full prior to the puppy leaving us.  If you have placed a deposit on a puppy that isn’t ready to go home straight away, payment is required to be made in full when they turn 6 weeks old.

  17. Bellawai Dogs cannot be held responsible for your puppy/dog eating any object or toxic plant that may lead to serious health issues from initial interaction to further health consequences in the future. It is your responsibility to ensure that the puppy’s environment is safe and secure and that you are aware of the dangers that could cause serious harm.

Returns Policy

Once you have purchased a puppy or dog, we understand that unexpected changes in your life can happen and this mean for you to need to rehome your puppy. It is important to us that your puppy is in a safe home and happy home so we ask, where possible that you contact us first regarding any puppy that we have bred so we can be a part of your journey to find it a new home. ​

Charges to return your puppy to us apply and are determined each individual puppy at a time. We are under no obligation to take your puppy back, but would like to help you in the homing process to find someone as special as you to adopt your puppy from you. We are committed to the welfare of the puppies we breed for the life of the dog.

Vet Check and Insurance

We trust our experienced vets to health check and vaccinate your puppy with the necessary age appropriate vaccinations for Parvo at their 6-8 week old appointment. Each puppy is examined and heart listened to in their consultation at the clinic as well as an age appropriate general health check.

We encourage you to take your puppy to your own vet within 3 days of getting your puppy home from us at Bellawai Dogs, for your own peace of mind.

Your puppy comes with a free subscription to Southern Cross Pet care which covers events listed on their puppy policy. This free insurance covers up to an amount listed on their policy for six weeks from when the cover is started. This cover has a 5 day stand down period as per their terms and conditions and are independent to Bellawai Dogs with no financial consequence or benefit to Bellawai Dogs. ​

If any health issues arise from your vet check or your puppy becomes ill in the first 5 days of your puppy being with you, we recommend you contact us at Bellawai Dogs immediately as well as contact the insurance provider. Southern Cross Pet care is who we have chosen to insure all of our own dogs. If you choose another insurance provider please let us know. The insurance cover for their free period covers the puppy from 8 weeks old for a 6 week period with their own exclusions.​

Please note, Bellawai Dogs do not cover the costs of any vet care and unauthorised bills. We do not cover your vet bills during the Southern Cross stand down period, nor cover any vet bills if there is an additional stand down period or exclusion for your puppy on their policy. ​

At Bellawai Dogs we do all we can to send happy healthy puppies which have all had the appropriate veterinary checks and care with our vet Phoenix Vets Kerikeri.

Vets Bills

Bellawai Dogs will take no responsibility for any vet expenditure incurred once the puppy has left our care. All further vaccinations, desexing and general vet costs (not limited to) will be the responsibility of puppy’s new owner. On the rare occasion that puppy is unwell within the first 5 days of ownership (from collection date) please get in touch with us immediately to discuss the situation. Please note that Bellawai Dogs will pay no vet costs unless prior agreement has been received from the Director, Bellawai Dogs.

We will review vet costs on a case-by-case basis and do not guarantee that we will pay any vet expenditure incurred. Contact needs to be made by email (no text or phone calls are accepted for these matters). If your emergency is after hours (ie between 6pm – 7am) we will contact you asap. If your puppy requires immediate attention by a vet afterhours, we give no guarantees that we will accept the vet charges.

If you have any questions relating to any of the information provided please contact us.